Elaghil Trading Company Ltd



With Syngenta’s emphasis on quality, innovation and agricultural solutions closely linked to 21st century technology, Syngenta helps farmers around the world improve their crops with products that improve the soil and create conditions for all types of crops to resist agricultural diseases and pests.

What Syngenta is doing has a positive and direct impact on human health, the environment, future generations, and the future of the Earth more broadly.

We, at Elaghil Trading Company Ltd., are the sole agents of Syngenta International in the Republic of Yemen. Led by a group of qualified agricultural engineers, and supported by Syngenta’s expertise, we provide integrated solutions to Yemeni farms. The agricultural department of Elaghil Trading Company provides all the needs of the Yemeni farmer in terms of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds for all agricultural crops in Yemen.

What we offer


The agricultural department of Elaghil Trading Company leads the agricultural work in Yemen towards professionalism and excellence, especially in the field of plant protection and nutrition, relying on the technical and marketing support provided by the Swiss company Syngenta, whose products are of superior quality. In addition to the technical team in the agricultural department of Elaghil Trading Company and the active, creative and motivated work teams for everything new and developed.

In this embodiment, Elaghil Trading Company seeks positive participation with all local and international agencies, in addition to its cooperation with a Elaghil group of wholesale and retail merchants in all regions of the Republic. Elaghil Trading Company takes the principle of partnership that achieves loyalty and interest for all parties. Elaghil Trading Company seeks, through safe and economical solutions for the Yemeni farmer, to increase its productivity while ensuring the safety of the farmer as well as the ordinary citizen as a user of agricultural products, as well as preserving the environment and  striving to achieve food security for the country.